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Book cover image: We Danced Our Store of Love and Demetia

We Danced: Our Story of Love and Dementia

The subject of this book revolves around the life of my wife, Maureen, who died October 2019. It opens with snapshots of her troubled childhood and early adult life in two difficult marriages. It quickly transitions to our first meeting, friendship, and relationship – not without their own complications. Through those trials, she showed tremendous strength and heart.

We eventually married and lived a love story that others marveled at for years. We travelled, went to concerts, built a home, and remained completely devoted. While still in her early sixties, she lost a piece of herself. Words became harder to find. Steps to perform the simplest tasks became impossible to follow. We knew something was wrong but had no idea the severity of her condition. Our world turned upside down.

The latter half of the book chronicles in exacting detail her diagnosis and life with Frontotemporal Degeneration, a dementia known as FTD. I cared for her for the three and a half years of this disease until her passing. I weave in journals, letters, and social media posts and lay bare our life through her incurable disease.