This is a safe space to share one-on-one.

Sometimes you just want to unload. I listen without trying to fix you. You don’t NEED fixing.
Things helpful for you to know:

My Focus

The topics discussed here relate to dementia caregiving

I dive deeply into Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD) and all aspects on this dementia, including symptoms, care, relationships, grief, financials, end of life, and more.

Your Privacy

Our Communications remain private

Stories shared are on your terms. There is never any judgment, only support. While every journey is unique, you are not alone. If you ask to be on a mailing list for events, I blind copy each member.

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Sharing more about us

My name is Scott Rose

I am an author and have lived the FTD journey with my wife through its sad conclusion. I am not a professional caregiver, medical professional, nor hold any license.

Resources for You

Find help from other sources

I refer often to experts with links to their sites, videos, or articles. While I vet each of these, I offer them only as suggestions. I encourage you to always vet the information yourself and with your care provider.


You can contact me directly

While I invite you to explore this site more, you need go no further to connect. Feel free to email me.

We Danced: Our Story of Love and Dementia

Our journey together

I released this book on April 27, 2021, Maureen’s birthday, and can be purchased by going to OUR PROJECTS. While it is a memoir of my wife’s life and our time together, including mileposts though our four-year journey with FTD, it is, foremost, a love story.